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FLIR Extech IR200 Non-Contact Forehead IR Thermometer

Check ou the new FLIR Extech IR200 Non-Contact Forehead IR Thermometer. It is FDA 501K certified and designed for quick and easy use. This Extech thermometer measures temperature without even touching a person. Simply aim it at the forehead and …
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Industrial Scientific Tango CO Meter

As the temperature outside begins to fall and the heat inside will rise more and more calls will come in for CO related incidents. The Industrial Scientific Tango TX1 Single Gas CO Meter is the perfect warning device and it …
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AAA Exclusive SCBA Soft Carrying Bag

The AAA SCBA Soft Carrying Bag is Large enough to carry any Scott Air-Pak or other brand SCBA with room for a mask and two small waterproof nylon pouches on the inside for accessories. This bag is great for officers to carry their SCBA in their vehicle, firefighters going to training classes, or any other situation where the SCBA needs to be independent and portable.
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Introducing the 3M/Scott Vision C5 Facepiece with E-Z Flo C5 Regulator.

Designed using a platform approach, the 3M Scott Vision C5 Facepiece with E-Z Flo C5 Regulator incorporates the latest technology to enhance situational intelligence in a customizable solution. Featuring a wider field of view to see more and a new …
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A comfortable, easy to don, and easy to maintain, BarriAire Gold Particulate Masks are the ideal solution for brush, wildland, and urban interface incidents. A high-performance particulate mask that blocks smoke, soot, and airborne hazards. The sleek, innovative design with …
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Introducing the Hero Wipes for Firefighters

HERO WIPES IS TOUGH ON SOOT, SAFE ON SKIN — AND NOW EWG VERIFIED™ Patent-pending cleansing formula includes: Balanced blend of natural & synthetic surfactants to rinse away dirt and impurities from the skin;70 gsm disposable, non-woven towels are thick, …
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