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Bullard TXS Thermal Camera – Revealing the Power

The Bullard TXS is Better Under Fire. An intuitive tool packed in just 1.6 pounds (incl. battery), the Bullard TXS is essential for every department. TXS was designed for ease-of-use with its one-button operation, ergonomic design, and convenient size. TXS gives you the vital information you need, without weighing you down. The Bullard TXS Thermal Imager is your high deployment solution when budget, quality, and performance are essential.

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Why Choose the TXS Bullard Thermal Camera?

This light weight thermal camera is a new essential for every fire department across the nation. Bullard is known for producing high-quality thermal imaging devices that withstand tough conditions due to its durable composition. Thermal cameras like the TXS Bullard can be valuable tools for safety and security applications. They can detect heat signatures, identify potential hazards, and assist in locating individuals in low-visibility conditions, such as smoke-filled environments. They are one of the most valued tools within the fire service.

Optional Truck Mount Charger Available Upon Request

Features & Benefits

  • Crisp and Clear Imagery
  • Long Operating Life with 6 Hours of Continuous Use
  • Extremely Durable
  • Made in the USA
  • 5 Year Warranty

April 02, 2024