RIT Safety Solutions Group Search Products


The RIT Safety Solutions Group Search Products are providing firefighters with the rights tools for effective, rapid, and safe large area search operations.  Two of the RIT search products we would like to showcase include the Primary Search Lines and the RIT Group Serarch Kit.

The Primary Search Lines are available in Chicago or Standard bag styles and are available in 100′ or 200′ lengths. The primary search lines are made up of 9.5mm Kevlar over polyester and two non-rated carabineers.Primary lines have the option of being equipped with the knot and ring marker system. The ring provides a secure fixed anchor for attaching tag lines. The knot indicates direction and distance to guide the searcher. Included in the bag, is 9.5mm Kevlar rope with a temperature rating of 862 degrees F. and a tensile strength of 7600 pounds.

The RIT Safety Group Search Kit makes search operations more effective and safer for all personnel involved. The standard kit is set up for a four person team and provides a lifeline to the outside for each member. Each kit comes with either 100′ or 200′ of rope as detailed in the above Primary Search Line. Optional features like 25′ retractable tag lines set firefighters up for success during search operations. The self-retracting system ensures firefighters will not be tangled on their own life line during search and rescue operations. When this pouch is secured to a firefighters harness, ladder belt, or turnout gear, they can truly go hands free and utilize both hands for searching while maintaining an effective point of contact with the rest of the team.

For more details on the RIT Group Search Products check out the RIT Website or contact your local sales representative.