Akron Brass AC SceneStar™ LED

The Akron Brass 20,000 Lumen SceneStar™ LED Scene Light can provide you and your emergency personnel with the appropriate lighting to get the job done right. The scene lights are engineered to provide industry-leading levels of light output with consistency and reliability. The SceneStar™ Emergency Scene Light provides overall illumination (even at elevated operating temperatures) through optimized thermal management. The optics are designed to include a spot and flood pattern in one light. Solid-state electronics ensure a lifetime of peak performance.

Some additional specifications of the light include:
• A 6 year warranty
• UL Listed and Evaluated to comply with the following: UL 1598, UL 8750, and UL 153
• Available in all standard mounting configurations, including generator light kit and cord reel light
• Standard color is white, but black is optional (note: handles and heat sink are always black)

For more details, or to order a SceneStar™ or other Akron Brass products, contact our main office or your local sales representative.