New Product : The Lifeline Rescue Tool




AAA Emergency Supply is now an authorized distributor of the ‘Lifeline Rescue Tool. Not a knife! The “Rescue Tool” is designed by a Firefighter and made 100% here in the U.S.A.

It is made of high grade 440cc Stainless Steel, 3/16″ thick

A self-rescue tool for the first responder “Gen 2 ” will cut through Bx Cable, Romex Cable, Pex Plumbing, Sheetrock, Aluminum Drop ceiling grid. 

Rescue tool To save civilians with. Able to cut laminated vehicle glass and seat belts. 

The titanium version “Jawz” and “Triton” with fishing line cutter back, for commercial and recreation divers. 

Utility/Industry version “Suppressor”, with a Titanium non sparking blase and insulated handle , to protect the user from electrical hazard up to 1000 v. AC.

Military “Stealth” version in subdued Black tool, handle, and sheath. “Blackcat” Coating. 

All models are designed and engineered with proprietary serration. American made 440c stainless steel that has a high carbon content and is considered to be one of the highest end steels. Sheets of the 440c stainless steel are precision flat grinded to a standardized 3/16″ thickness. The profile of the LIFELINE SRK Tool is achieved by using a high powered CO2 laser cutter. Heat treated to a Rockwell of 59-60, then given a cryogenic treatment whereby each LIFELINE SRK Tool is slowly cooled in a controlled bath of liquid nitrogen. This highly advanced heat treat process improves the micro structure of the 440c stainless steel. decreased residual stresses and increases toughness and dimensional stability. 

Sheath and handles of the tools is not plastic, bu NFPA approves DuPont Zytel Heat Resistant Thermoplastic with melting temperature of 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

Available extras are highly quality Laser Engraving of “text: on the blade or you can choose from a list of options.

For Department considering to making the tool part of every SCBA ensemble, but don’t have the budgetary means to do so?

LifeLine Rescue Tools has a Foundation which will work with you department, to assist in raising the funds needed to outfit your entire department with the “tool” all your member’s should have access to. 

The “Harms Way Foundation” 

The Harm’s Way Foundation has partnered with Donation Rhino, an expert in the field of fund raising, who specializes in customized fundraising solutions for Fire Departments across the country. 

Stop by the shop of call to set up a product demonstration, to see how versatile this tool truly is and how well it is made, also check out there website for more information about this tool.  Lifeline Rescue Tools 

Buy it here or come in and check it out!