Industrial Scientific Tango TX1

The Industrial Scientific Tango TX1 in the first ever single gas monitor that uses two sensors to detect the same gas. The patent pending DualSense™ Technology makes users of the TX1 85 times safer. The unit offers a 3 year warranty from the original purchase date.

Longer battery life is attained as the unit is capable of operating in the “always-on” mode for three years. After the battery can no longer support instrument life, it can be replaced for another three years of continuous operation. In addition, the Tango TX1 offers a louder instrument alarm with 100 db at 10 centimeters, making it twice as loud as the Industrial Scientific GasBadge series, and louder than another other single gas meter on the market.

Available in CO, H2S, NO2, and SO2, the Tango TX1 is the next big thing in single gas detection!

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