OHD Mask Fit Test

OHD Quantifit2

OHD Mask Fit Test


The OHD Quantifit2 offers an impressive array of advantages that can dramatically improve your respirator program. Within the first ten seconds of testing, you will know whether the respirator user has a basic fit or not.

While you may use the Quantifit2™ with a personal computer for more advanced record keeping, the unit can do everything needed for a quantitative fit test without a PC.

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Key Features & Benefits:

  • 1-3 minute respirator fit testing
  • USB keyboard and printer connections
  • So easy to use that the subject can test themselves 
  • USB thumb-drive storage and data transfer
  • Increased automation during testing
  • USB Computer interface
  • Touch Screen

Here’s what you get out of the box:

  • The Quantifit2™ Respirator FitTester
  • Triple-tube cable
  • Hand-held start switch
  • USB Keyboard
  • Logic Software
  • Universal Power Cord
  • Hard case with fitted slots, roller wheels and handle

Fit Testing Services:

  • Come to White Plains to our Store for quality fit-testing (by appointment).
  • OR we can come to your FD and fit test your department, with the same quality and service.
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OHD Software

Logic Software


An updated and more efficient version of the Logic Software has arrived! Contact our main office or your local AAA Sales Representative for more details!