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Globe-MSA Turnout Gear

The leader in the industry for over 120 years. Globe-MSA combines the Best Fit And Design to meet their customer’s needs. This coupled with AAA Emergency’s personal service and sizing makes Globe-MSA your best choice. Globe-MSA Firefighter Suit Products meet or exceed NFPA and OSHA standards including as applicable NFPA 1971: Standard on Protective Ensemble for Structural Firefighting and Proximity Firefighting, 2018 Edition. The following are the different types of Globe-MSA Turn Out Gear available for you and your department. Some of the key features are outlined for your convenience. For more information on these products and more Globe-MSA Gear visit us or contact us in our store, or visit the Globe Website.


Globe MSA Athletix Gear


  • Less Bulky, Softer and more Adjustable
  • DRD Opening in the collar 
  • Stretch Panels 
  • Elasticized Side Panels
  • Articulated Elbows
  • Overlapping Front Closure 
  • Cargo Pockets with Grips Tabs
  • Telescoping Sleeve Band with Double Wristers 
  • More Details : Globe MSA Athletix Jacket Page 



  • Lower Rise, Less Bulky Design 
  • Stretch Panels 
  • Banded Inseam Design
  • Elasticzed Sides
  • Articulated Knees 
  • Angled Side Pockets With Grip Tabs 
  • Liner Access Opening 
  • Padded H-Back Ripcord Suspenders 
  • More Details : Globe MSA Athletix Pants Page 


G-Xtreme™ Turnout Gear 


G- Xtreme 3.0™ 


Firefighters come in a remarkable range of shapes and sizes. When your gear really fits, it’s not just more comfortable; it enables you to perform your job to the maximum of your ability—without extra bulk and without restriction.
That’s why G-XTREME 3.0® now offers a whole new dimension in fit—SHAPE.
Fit Matters!

G-Xtreme 3.0™ Jacket

Full AXTION™ Design for total mobility

Standard features include:

  • AXTION™ back with full expansion pleats
  • Patented TRIMTRAX™ Protection
  • Double stitching
  • 4 layer collar
  • Enhanced upper body and elbows
  • 2x8x8 cargo pockets with Nomex® fleece handwarmers
  • High temperature zipper
  • Drag rescue device
  • Full Jacket Details 

Globe  Pant System (includes IH Ready™  Pants)

Globe bunker pants with all the standard features plus an internal harness. Three integrated harness style pants available through Globe!
  • Thermal Enhanced Knees
  • Vertical Fly Closure 
  • Articulated Knees
  • Elasticized Sides
  • One-Piece Crotch Gusset
  • Padded H-Back Ripcord Suspenders






G-Xcel™ Turnout Gear


G-Xcel™ Jacket


Standard Features Include:

  • Globe-MSA quality at an affordable price
  • New contemporary design is cut 4” longer in the back and shorter in the front
  • AXTION™ mobility design
  • Patented TRIMTRAX™ Protection
  • Double stitching
  • Contour collar
  • 2x8x8 cargo pockets with Nomex® fleece handwarmers
  • High temperature zipper
  • Drag rescue device
  • Full Jacket Details 


Globe Boots

GLobe MSA Shadow XF Fire boots : 14″ Height 



  • Flame-Resistant, Water-Resistant, Heavy Duty Leather 
  • GORE CROSSTECH Footwear Fabric 
  • KEVLAR Blend Protective Shield
  • VIBRAM Heel and Toe Bumpers
  • Slip-Resistant Tread
  • Athletic Foot Wear Construction  
  • More Details: Globe Shadow XF Page 






Globe NFPA Structural Fire Boots: 14” Height 

Supreme Design for firefighter flexibility, with:
  • Contoured platform construction
  • LENZI® puncture protection
  • CROSSTECH® waterproof barrier
  • Kevlar® Nomex® insulation
  • Reflective trim

Other Styles include:

  • All Black 14” Shadow Structural Boot
  • 10” Technical Rescue Boot


NEW SUPRALITE™ 14″ Pull-On Boots

boots supralite






The latest in the Globe Structural Series – SUPRALITE™ – is even lighter and more flexible by design. This comes the closest yet to feeling like your favorite sneakers while providing the protection, support, and slip resistance you depend on.

  • Flame Resistant, Waterproof Leather
  • CROSSTECH® Footwear Fabric
  • DRAGONHIDE® Fabric
  • HEELPORT™ Internal Fit System
    Holds your heel securely so it won’t slip while cushioning your ankle
  • NOMEX®/KEVLAR® Protective Shield
  • NFPA 1971 (Structural Fire Fighting) and NFPA 1992 (Liquid Splash) compliant
  • More Details: Globe SUPRALITE™ Webpage


Reaxtion™ Jacket

  • Most of the same features seen in the Globe G-Xtreme™ design with a collar break attachment system
  • Style is available with an extended rear panel design similar to FDNY style jackets or a standard 32” or 36” finish