Bullard Eclipse Thermal Cameras in Ramsey NJ

Bullard Eclipse

The Ramsey, NJ Fire Department has taken delivery of four Bullard Eclipse Thermal Imaging Cameras, with four more currently on order. The cameras already delivered to the Ramsey FD will be placed in service on the department’s new Pierce Engines which will be delivered shortly. Each new engine will have two Bullard Eclipse Cameras, a Standard Eclipse and an Eclipse LD. Once the other four cameras are delivered, they will be placed into service on existing apparatus in the Ramsey FD fleet.

The Bullard Eclipse Thermal Camera line offers firefighters high quality Bullard performance in a small package. The Bullard Eclipse LD combines the compact, sleek Eclipse design with powerful performance on a large-sized display. Infused with a state-of-the art thermal imaging engine and the latest Liquid Crystal Display Technology, Eclipse LD shines in the harshest, darkest environments.

Special thanks to Chief Randall Sterbinsky and Captain Jon Krehel for working with AAA Emergency on this project. Congratulations to the entire Ramsey FD on the latest investments of these Bullard Cameras and the new twin Pierce Fire Engines.