TFT Chimney Snuffer Kit

The Task Force Tips (TFT) Chimney Snuffer Nozzle Kit is a specialty nozzle kit
designed to aid in the quick knock down of chimney fires. The nozzle, designed
to breakup blockages in a chimney, sprays small amounts of water, to increase
effective fire suppression and minimize water damage to the structure.

Eight strategically placed nozzles spray 40 gallons per hour, at 60 psi. The Chimney Snuffer comes complete with carrying bag, garden hose adapter, Res-Q-Rench, 25 feet of 1″ hose and ball shutoff valve (1.0″ NH).

For more details on the Chimney Snuffer check out this Informational Video at the
TFT website, or contact the AAA Emergency Team.