AC HotStick

The AC HotStick is a safety device designed for professional rescuers which
provides warning of exposed high voltage AC from a safe distance. The AC HotStick will give early audible (“beeping”) and visual (flashing LED) warning of the presence of dangerous voltages without the need to contact the surface carrying the current. The closer the user comes to the source of the voltage, the more rapidly the unit beeps and flashes.

The tool has found many applications, especially with first responders, fire, police, and EMT’s responding to vehicular accidents; with search and rescue operations in urban and rural settings; and with clean-up crews working on downed trees after wind and ice storms. It comes with a built in self-test so there is never any doubt about it functioning properly. It has also gained numerous functionality improvements through years of customer feedback. All of these things have made the AC HotStick an invaluable safety tool with a devoted following.

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