FLIR Extech IR200 Non-Contact Forehead IR Thermometer

Check ou the new FLIR Extech IR200 Non-Contact Forehead IR Thermometer.

It is FDA 501K certified and designed for quick and easy use. This Extech thermometer measures temperature without even touching a person. Simply aim it at the forehead and press the trigger. The temperature will appear on the LCD display, which is large in Extech IR200size and backlit to make it easy to read. This non-contact thermometer can store up to 32 readings in its memory. Extech IR200It’s ideal for measuring body temperature as well as monitoring individuals for temperature change. The non-contact technique of the Extech IR200 eliminates the need for replacement probe covers and other supplies.

Industrial Scientific Tango CO Meter

As the temperature outside begins to fall and the heat inside will rise more and more calls will come in for CO related incidents. The Industrial Scientific Tango TX1 Single Gas CO Meter is the perfect warning device and it has continued to thrive in the region throughout the years with more and more first responders concerned about CO related incidents. 

The CO meters will warn first responding EMTs, paramedics and firefighters of the potential presence of carbon monoxide. This information will allow first responders to better care for individuals who may be ill as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning, while also protecting themselves from a potential dangerous situation.

The Tango TX1 is the first ever single gas monitor that uses two sensors to detect the same gas. The patent pending DualSense™ Technology makes users of the TX1 up to 85 times safer than single sensor meters. For information about purchasing this meter click here or contact AAA Emergency Supply

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AAA Exclusive SCBA Soft Carrying Bag

The AAA SCBA Soft Carrying Bag is Large enough to carry any Scott Air-Pak or other brand SCBA with room for a mask and two small waterproof nylon pouches on the inside for accessories. This bag is great for officers to carry their SCBA in their vehicle, firefighters going to training classes, or any other situation where the SCBA needs to be independent and portable.

Made of waterproof nylon that keeps the SCBA clean and dry in any environment and Reinforced at the bottom with vinyl this bag provides a durable and effective solution to SCBA transport and storage. In addition, the bag offers reinforced nylon carrying straps and a heavy duty zipper.

The AAA SCBA Carrying Bag is specially made for AAA Emergency and is available through in store or on our Online Store.

Streamlight Portable Scene Light

Check out the NewStreamlight Scene Light Rechargeable Lantern.Rapidly deployed and easily stowed, the Scene Light brings 3,600 lumens to your work area. With its narrow footprint and 72″ extension pole, this light goes almost anywhere, from wide open places to tight, confined spaces. The stowed size of this light makes it perfect for an array of emergency response scenarios, ranging from fires to accident investigations and everything in-between.

The Scene Light has three operation settings, with a high output of 3600 Lumenswith a run time of 5 hours under full charge, the medium setting at 2400 Lumens for 9 hours, and a low setting at 1100 lumensfor 18 hours. You can also adjust the light beam width for an optional setting in any situation. Scene Light batteries will continue to charge while operating directly from an external 12V DC power source when using the remote cord. AC charger also included for continued use.

For more information on pricing and availability of the Streamlight Portable Scene Light contact your local AAA Emergency sales representative or our White Plains Headquarters.

Scott X3 SCBA

The Scott Safety Air-Pak X3 SCBA was designed not only to exceed the new requirements outlined in the 2013 Edition of the NFPA 1981 and 1982 standards, but also to exceed customer expectations for what an Air-Pak SCBA should be.

The Air-Pak X3 SCBA improves comfort through new shoulder strap designs, better weight management, and improved hose and wire management resulting in the cleanest Air-Pak SCBA on the market. Also introduced is the new “external” HUD and optimally positioned “buddy” lights. The Air-Pak X3 can be ordered with either a CGA cylinder connection or a Snap-Change cylinder connection.

Additional Features: Available with CGA or Snap-Change Cylinder Connection, “External” HUD for Easy Air Status Updates of the Team, Dual Redundant Pressure Reducer, Vibralert Tactile Alarm, Enhanced Comfort, Improved Hose and Wire Management, Reduced Cost of Ownership, Industry’s Best Warranty

Akron Brass AC SceneStar™ LED

The Akron Brass 20,000 Lumen SceneStar™ LED Scene Light can provide you and your emergency personnel with the appropriate lighting to get the job done right. The scene lights are engineered to provide industry-leading levels of light output with consistency and reliability. The SceneStar™ Emergency Scene Light provides overall illumination (even at elevated operating temperatures) through optimized thermal management. The optics are designed to include a spot and flood pattern in one light. Solid-state electronics ensure a lifetime of peak performance.

Some additional specifications of the light include:
• A 6 year warranty
• UL Listed and Evaluated to comply with the following: UL 1598, UL 8750, and UL 153
• Available in all standard mounting configurations, including generator light kit and cord reel light
• Standard color is white, but black is optional (note: handles and heat sink are always black)

For more details, or to order a SceneStar™ or other Akron Brass products, contact our main office or your local sales representative.

Scott Safety AV3000-HT

Scott Safety’s AV-3000 HT facepiece meets all requirements established in the NFPA 1981:2013 Edition standard, with state-of-the-art material technology to provide enhanced thermal durability and voice intelligibility performance for added safety.

• Approved with 2013 Edition Air-Pak X3 and Air-Pak 75 SCBAs
• Approved with NFPA 1981, 2002 and 2007 Edition Air-Pak SCBAs
• Proven SureSeal faceseal for excellent fit and comfort
• ANSI Z87.1-2010 Impact Rated
• Compatible with EPIC and EPIC 3 Communication Systems
• Right and Left communication installation options
• Availble in Small, Medium, Large

NFPA Approvals have come through, and the AV3000-HT is available today through AAA Emergency!

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Fire Research Corporation (FRC) manufactures high intensity scene lighting in several different styles of lampheads and fixtures. The SPECTRA LED lamphead puts out 20,000 lumens of super bright white light. Its design generates a uniform flood and spot combination light pattern. This unique light pattern provides enhanced work area visibility as well as illuminating objects at a farther distance.

SPECTRA lampheads can be ordered in all FRC mounting configurations including, telescopic poles, tripods, non-telescopic mounts, flat surface mounts, and brow mounts. This is the perfect light for newly acquired emergency vehicles and upgrading lighting on your existing emergency vehicles.

For more details on the SPECTRA or any other FRC products, contact our main office. Light up the night around you for safe and efficient emergency scene!

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Industrial Scientific Tango TX1

The Industrial Scientific Tango TX1 in the first ever single gas monitor that uses two sensors to detect the same gas. The patent pending DualSense™ Technology makes users of the TX1 85 times safer. The unit offers a 3 year warranty from the original purchase date.

Longer battery life is attained as the unit is capable of operating in the “always-on” mode for three years. After the battery can no longer support instrument life, it can be replaced for another three years of continuous operation. In addition, the Tango TX1 offers a louder instrument alarm with 100 db at 10 centimeters, making it twice as loud as the Industrial Scientific GasBadge series, and louder than another other single gas meter on the market.

Available in CO, H2S, NO2, and SO2, the Tango TX1 is the next big thing in single gas detection!

Check out our Online Store for pricing & availability.

RIT Safety Solutions Group Search Products


The RIT Safety Solutions Group Search Products are providing firefighters with the rights tools for effective, rapid, and safe large area search operations.  Two of the RIT search products we would like to showcase include the Primary Search Lines and the RIT Group Serarch Kit.

The Primary Search Lines are available in Chicago or Standard bag styles and are available in 100′ or 200′ lengths. The primary search lines are made up of 9.5mm Kevlar over polyester and two non-rated carabineers.Primary lines have the option of being equipped with the knot and ring marker system. The ring provides a secure fixed anchor for attaching tag lines. The knot indicates direction and distance to guide the searcher. Included in the bag, is 9.5mm Kevlar rope with a temperature rating of 862 degrees F. and a tensile strength of 7600 pounds.

The RIT Safety Group Search Kit makes search operations more effective and safer for all personnel involved. The standard kit is set up for a four person team and provides a lifeline to the outside for each member. Each kit comes with either 100′ or 200′ of rope as detailed in the above Primary Search Line. Optional features like 25′ retractable tag lines set firefighters up for success during search operations. The self-retracting system ensures firefighters will not be tangled on their own life line during search and rescue operations. When this pouch is secured to a firefighters harness, ladder belt, or turnout gear, they can truly go hands free and utilize both hands for searching while maintaining an effective point of contact with the rest of the team.

For more details on the RIT Group Search Products check out the RIT Website or contact your local sales representative.