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Pound Ridge FD Compressor

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For the first time in AAA Emergency Supply and Eagle Air history, the 2 companies worked together to provide the Pound Ridge FD with a refurbished compressor. The Pound Ridge compressor was taken out of service for 3-4 months and refurbished at the Eagle Air factory in North Carolina.

The upgraded compressor and cascade system now feature a Talon BAC compressor and a Safe Station 4. In an effort to reduce costs, the old compressor was sent to North Carolina and was stripped to utilize specific interchangeable components. In addition, back in White Plains, the AAA Emergency Team removed the ASME storage cylinders for the compressor and stored them until the arrival of the new compressor.

The Pound Ridge Eagle Air BAC and Safe Station was delivered and installed by the AAA team in mid-June.

Mt. Vernon MSU

Mtv_msu_17 Mtv_msu_15 Mtv_msu_7 Mtv_msu_10 Mtv_msu_2 Mtv_msu_6

Following the City of Mount Vernon’s acquisition of this 1987 Chevrolet / Swab Utility Vehicle from Orange County, New York AAA Emergency Supply Co., Inc. worked with Mount Vernon Fire Officials to bring the 1st Mask Service Unit to the City. With a walk in body and plenty of storage space this piece of apparatus will serve the city well.

Our staff installed an Eagle Air cascade system in the walk in section of the body with (4) 6000PSI cascade cylinders in the rear of the rig. The vehicle and cascade system operator can stay out of the elements while efficiently and effectively filling SCBA cylinders during multi-alarm fires.

Tarrytown Cascade

TFD_comp_15 TFD_comp_12 TFD_comp_13 TFD_comp_9 TFD_comp_11 TFD_comp_1

The Tarrytown, NY Fire Department has recently taken delivery of this state-of-the-art Eagle Air Cascade system. Incorporated in this cascade system are the Talon BAC Breathing Air Compressor and the Safe Station X2 filling station.

The Talon BAC Breathing Air Compressor has a working pressure of 6000 PSIG and has reliable and effective performance capability with 15-hp. While the Safe Station X2 offers an efficient and space saving two-cylinder filling station.

Bailout Training throughout the Region

training_2 rit truck_2 training_1 rit truck_1

With the inception of the emergency escape system mandate for interior firefighters in New York State AAA has developed a comprehensive Bailout Training program. Departments from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut have all invested in RIT emergency escape systems in an effort to both meet mandates and ensure that all of our local firefighters return home safely to their families.

RIT Rescue Escape Systems are the largest provider of egress systems in the world, with thousands of units presently in service in the United States and Europe. The RIT System meets the auxiliary Equipment requirements of NFPA 1983: Standards on Life Safety Rope and Equipment for Emergency Services, 2006 Edition.

AAA Emergency has recently opened a State of the Art training classroom where we run bailout training courses for your department. In addition, with our fully equipped Mobile Training Unit, you have the flexibility of knowing we can bring the quality training to your doorstep.

Some of the 70 plus Fire Departments who have worked with AAA Emergency in developing their bailout system equipment and training programs include: Armonk, NY; East Fishkill, NY; Harriman, NY; Clifton, NJ; River Edge, NJ; West Paterson, NJ; Beckerle Hose Co. Danbury, CT; Round Hill, CT; and many more.