Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Pro Firefighting Gloves


Short Cuff Model Firefighter Structural Gloves

Check out these new Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Pro Gloves. These gloves contain many layers that are designed using Kevlar and Nomex that enhance protection, durability, flexibility and comfort. They have created an independently certified Porelle PTFE moisture barrier in these gloves that provide both chemical and viral protection while keeping your hands dry yet breathable

These gloves are made from 100% water-resistant, flame-retardant treated goatskin. Goatskin has a high natural oil content which makes it soft and pliable

Now certified to NFPA 1971-2018

Sizing Guide:

  • XS: 64N
  • S: 70N
  • M: 70W
  • L/XL: 76W
  • XL: 82N
  • XXL: 82W

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