Steve’s Corner: Fire Prevention

Over the course of October AAA Emergency participated in several fire prevention fairs throughout the area.

The Scarsdale FD fire fair, held on October 18th under the direction of Captain Seymour, Chief Cain, and the Scarsdale Volunteer Fire Companies was a huge success. The highlight of the day was the blazing demonstration of the pan fire when water came in contact with the flammable oil and grease. A talk on fire extinguishers and fire safety was given by Steve Rossi from AAA Emergency.

Carmel FD held their annual fire fair on September 28th. Along with a number of safety exhibits, there was a turnout gear try on for kids, a blow up jumping station, and fire extinguisher/smoke detector information offered by AAA Emergency.

One of the oldest and most successful fire fairs was held at the Croton FD on October 5th. After completing a number of safety stations, kids were able to get the never ending thrill of riding a fire truck. AAA Emergency staff worked with kids to explain the A-B-C’s of fire protection during the demonstration provided by AAA Emergency.