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Integrated Systems

BlackHawk CFS


Designed to meet the needs of variable demand fill operations; Features a two cylinder fill station and the field proven 6000 PSIG air compressor. With carefully thought-out organization and ergonomics this system meets the needs of most average size departments.

Raven CFS


A new revolutionary cylinder fill system with a unique four cylinder fill capacity speeding up the fill process. Simplified maintenance, intuitive controls, and a noise inhibiting cabinet create an easy to use experience without sacrificing performance.

Breathing Air Compressors

Raptor BAC


Careful attention to detail makes this a highly efficient and easy to use unit. Graphic technology makes it easy to monitor compressor performance and the advanced design maintains the ideal operating environment for enhanced safety.

Talon BAC


Specifically designed for working pressure of 6000 PSIG, this unit includes all the features of the Raptor BAC, with additional standard safety features, as well as increased performance capability in the available 15-hp and 20-hp models.

Safe Stations

SafeStation X2, X3 and X4

  • SafeStation X2: 2 cylinder fill station
  • SafeStation X2: 3 cylinder fill station
  • SafeStation X2: Two – 2 cylinder fill stations in one, giving you 4 fill stations with added flexibility

AirQuest SMT™ Trailer

AirQuest SMT™ Trailer Mounted Breathing Air Systems

airquest smt

If mobility and versatility are important, our AirQuest SMT™ (Specific Mission Tender) is the answer. The AirQuest design is a complete, factory assembled and tested breathing air system on a highway-ready trailer for refilling breathing air cylinders at, or strategically near, the incident site

  • Formed aluminum body and frame construction maintains towing weight manageability (7800 lbs. maximum) and corrosion resistance.
  • Large operations control center located at the rear.
  • The control center contains all necessary controls and indicators necessary to safely operate the entire system from a single location.
  • The control center rear door, when opened for operations, provides protection form inclement weather conditions.