F-500 Helps Extinguish Cortlandt Transformer Fire

Last night, a transformer substation caught fire on Oregon Rd in the Lake Mohegan Fire District, and F-500 encapsulator agent was used to quickly extinguish the fire.

A little background. In July, 2009, FDNY responded to yet another transformer fire and failed to extinguish it with foam and powder. The HAZMAT team suggested they try F-500 Encapsulator Agent. F-500 EA extinguished the transformer fire in less than two minutes. This led to extensive testing by ConEdison to find a solution for transformer fires. F-500 EA’s unique ability to fight three-dimensional, Class B transformer fires by rapidly cooling the massive metal and encapsulating the burning oil made it the only agent ConEdison recommends for transformer fires. F500 is also used across many types of fire situations.

AAA Emergency Supply Co., Inc is the local distributor of F500. If you want more information, or you’d like to arrange a demo, contact your local AAA Emergency Supply Co Inc sales representative.

When Westchester County DES Utility 177 arrived with the F-500 foam, and the fire was quickly extinguished, as shown in the video.
Thanks to Al Sulenski for the video.