AAA Emergency Supply Co Inc Delivers New Scott SCBA’s To Scarsdale, NY Fire Department

Matthew Manfredi and AAA Emergency Supply Co., Inc. would like to Thank Chief James Seymour and the Village of Scarsdale Fire Department.

AAA Emergency Supply Co., Inc. delivered 34 new Scott 4.5 Wire Frame Air Paks (NFPA 2013 Compliant) with 30 minute cylinders acquired through a FEMA grant.

For over 40 years, AAA Emergency Supply Co Inc. has been servicing the Scarsdale Fire Department.

Thank you for your continued business.

F-500 Helps Extinguish Cortlandt Transformer Fire

Last night, a transformer substation caught fire on Oregon Rd in the Lake Mohegan Fire District, and F-500 encapsulator agent was used to quickly extinguish the fire.

A little background. In July, 2009, FDNY responded to yet another transformer fire and failed to extinguish it with foam and powder. The HAZMAT team suggested they try F-500 Encapsulator Agent. F-500 EA extinguished the transformer fire in less than two minutes. This led to extensive testing by ConEdison to find a solution for transformer fires. F-500 EA’s unique ability to fight three-dimensional, Class B transformer fires by rapidly cooling the massive metal and encapsulating the burning oil made it the only agent ConEdison recommends for transformer fires. F500 is also used across many types of fire situations.

AAA Emergency Supply Co., Inc is the local distributor of F500. If you want more information, or you’d like to arrange a demo, contact your local AAA Emergency Supply Co Inc sales representative.

When Westchester County DES Utility 177 arrived with the F-500 foam, and the fire was quickly extinguished, as shown in the video.
Thanks to Al Sulenski for the video.

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Scott Introduces All New RIT-PAK III


The Scott Safety RIT-Pak III is the fire service industry’s first all-inclusive portable air supply system and the most comprehensive RIT system available on the market. Developed with input from RIT instructors and firefighters from across the country, the RIT-Pak III is field designed and tested. The system in comprised of a pressure reducer, high-pressure fill hose, low-pressure air supply hose and a lightweight carrying device.

Unlike other RIT systems, the Scott RIT-Pak III is a universal tool that works perfectly in mutual aid situations regardless of the SCBA used by other fire departments. Equipped with a protective skid plate, the RIT-Pak system’s carrying case has two convenient storage pouches for easy access to rescue tools and rescue rope. A Hi-Viz orange material and reflective stripes on the case provide enhanced visibility. An external pressure gauge provides pressure indicator lights to mimic those used on the heads-up display on the Air-Pak SCBA.

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Introducing the new Akron Revel Scout – Scene Lighting Unplugged

This tactical LED scene light is designed to increase the safety of both firefighters and emergency responders. With versatile mounting options – set, hang, strap, spike – and a removable, rechargeable battery, the Revel Scout revolutionizes the operational ease of fire scene lighting.

The Revel Scout combines a spot and flood light pattern of 14,000 lumens in a 12 lb. package, and the LED tactical scene light can be used to evenly light both entire exterior and scenes and interior spaces.

Fast, Flexible Deployment

Compact, lightweight and portable, the Revel Scout’s flexibility will provide you with more options than most LED scene lights to help you accomplish various tasks. The Revel Scout’s design allows for multiple placement options – set on a flat surface, hung over a door, strapped to a ladder or hung on any number of vertical surfaces with its integrated spike.

Light Where You Need It

Powered by a 28V removable, rechargeable battery, the Revel Scout is all you need to light both your exterior scene and interior work area. Easy to move or position, the Revel Scout’s combination of flood and spot light optics increases your overall scene visibility when lighting exterior areas such as vehicles, structures, parking lots and overhead hazards. Continue work inside for overhaul and other tasks.

Additional Features and Benefits

Optional truck mounting bracket, storage case, and battery charger accessories
Integrated strap included to secure to horizontal object, ladder rung, etc.
On/off toggle switch to turn light on and off and adjust to 4 light levels
Corrosion-free construction
Zero deployment time
Battery type: 28V LI-ION, Weight: 3 lbs (1.4 kg). Charge time: 1 hour
Warranty: Light assembly: 6 Year, Battery and charger: 1 Year


Exterior scene illumination for fire ground attack
Interior overhaul after fire extinguishment
Fire service and scene investigation
Vehicle accidents and EMS calls
Firefighting – Structural
Law Enforcement
Rescue – EMS
Rescue – Urban Search & Rescue
Rescue – Vehicle Extrication
Specialty Vehicles

New Bullet Blade From Cutters Edge

Check out this game changer. The proven Cutters Edge Bullet Chain meets a rotary blade….introducing the new Bullet Blade from Cutters Edge. Able to meet speeds three times that of a chainsaw, it’s able to cut a wide variety of materials faster. And, unlike other carbide tip blades, it can be sharpened and repaired over and over again for lower operating costs. It also offers low vibration for smooth cutting, excellent feel for materials being cut, and minimal spark generation. Contact AAA Emergency Supply today for more information!

Make'n The Cut from Cutters Edge on Vimeo.

Need Bailout Refresher Training?

Looking to schedule a Bailout Training refresher for your department this spring or summer?? Our mobile bailout training simulator truck comes to your department. Contact Bob Mancini at our main office for more details! (914) 949-0512 or

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New Bullard Eclipse LDX With ICE Imaging Technology

The all-new Bullard Eclipse LDX Thermal Imaging Camera, available from AAA Emergency Supply, is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art infrared engine technology and image processing techniques from Bullard, the leader in thermal imaging technology for the fire service. Eclipse LDX incorporates Image Contrast Enhancement (ICE™) technology for the ultimate image performance in fire conditions. ICE technology sharpens the distinction between objects and regions and optimizes the image for greater clarity.

The Eclipse LDX runs at an ultra-fast 60 Hertz image update rate and is equipped with a new LCD display that increases brightness and improves contrast, allowing firefighters to see more clearly in thick smoke and direct sunlight. In addition, the Eclipse LDX is equipped with a new power button for easier powering on and off with a gloved hand. Weighing only two pounds, Eclipse LDX is available with a 240 x 180 or 320 x 240 ultra-high resolution infrared engine.

The Eclipse LDX can be equipped with Bullard’s exclusive Electronic Thermal Throttle® (ETT), which enables firefighters to reveal hidden fire and distinguish hotter objects with the touch of a button. Other optional features include Super Red Hot colorization, highlighting high-heat scenes in brilliant shades of yellow, orange, and red; temperature measurement; and an integral DVR.

All X Factor Thermal Imagers come standard with a five-year, industry leading, full service warranty on parts and labor.

Contact AAA Emergency Supply today for more information on this outstanding new camera.

New RIT Safety Solutions AL-4 Descender For Webbing-The Descender For Everybody

The all new RIT Safety Solutions Inc AL-4, now available through AAA Emergency Supply, is the next generation NFPA 1983-2012 certified descender designed to be used by all firefighters for emergency escape.

Because of the lengthened descender , the AL-4 is virtually shock load resistant. If the user has a tired grip, the longer, slimmer lever design provides for easier hand placement and control. Another great feature of the AL-4 Web Descender is the true rappel position of the brake hand. The brake hand is now placed in a natural rappel position for a smoother descent when deployed. Just squeeze and go.

Contact AAA Emergency Supply today for a demonstration.

Tango Single Gas CO Meter Continues to Thrive

The Industrial Scientific Tango TX1 Single Gas CO Meter has continued to thrive in the region throughout 2014 with more and more first responders concerned about CO related incidents. Most recently the Rockland County Emergency Medical Services has taken delivery of more than 100 Tango Single Gas CO Meters. The meters will be distributed among first responders providing front-line emergency medical care to the people of Rockland County.

The CO meters will warn first responding EMTs and paramedics of the potential presence of carbon monoxide. This information will allow first responders to better care for individuals who may be ill as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning, while also protecting themselves from a potential dangerous situation.

The Tango TX1 is the first ever single gas monitor that uses two sensors to detect the same gas. The patent pending DualSense™ Technology makes users of the TX1 up to 85 times safer than single sensor meters. For details on availability and pricing on the Tango TX1 please contact the AAA Emergency main office or your local sales representative.